Data Science in Marketing Departments

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First, take a second to think about how your organization or team is actively using data to make decisions.

Next, how do the different departments and team members within an organization use data?

We’re going to discuss one specific department (because that’s what we know best).


Data in our marketing departments is more accessible than ever. There are tools to help digest and interpret data, as well as internal team resources. Decisions (within a marketing department) shouldn’t be based off of only intuition anymore. When we have the ability to learn, improve and measure the success of our efforts, we should be doing everything in our power to continually do this. 

By including data in your marketing department you’ll have access to new insights, learning and factors in measuring success. It all starts with collaboration & education. Technical and non-technical teams do not always know what each other are capable of or what each other do. But what if our marketing teams started thinking about how data can improve their efforts and efficiencies? And, what if our data engineers and data scientists started to think about how their knowledge can help the marketing team improve?

This is where it all begins, but to bridge that gap we need to start somewhere. Each team needs to be challenged to think about how they can help (what problem can they solve?) or what they can recommend as a resource.

In digital marketing specifically, by creating a structure for campaigns and classifying variables within marketing campaigns, we can then work with data teams as a resource to ingest, further define, organize and learn. And, if your company doesn’t have a robust data team (yet), then push your teams to use free tools that are available like Google Analytics and Google Data Studio.

Take the time to ask each of your departments if and how they’re using data. Data can be used to improve processes, reduce spend by evaluating inefficient trends, and so much more. Companies who understand the value of their data will be at an advantage. Learn more about our services and how we can help your company begin to use data in your marketing department.


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